the ride of your life

The first thing to think about when choosing a bike is where and how you want to ride. Our simple guide to Raleigh ride positions can help you identify the perfect choice of bike for performance, comfort and control.

Speed Ride

The ride position is about straight line aerodynamics. With the body low, wind resistance is low. Tight frame angles cleanly convert the down thrust of your legs into maximum speed and long range endurance.

Power Ride

Here, off-road versatility has been combined with speed on tarmac. The shorter wheelbase of the frame offers direct transmission of your energy to the ground, whatever the surface, enabling you to ride further, faster.

Relaxed Ride

An almost upright ride position is ideal in conditions where knowing exactly what’s going on around you is as important as being seen. Longer wheelbase geometry and a lower centre of gravity delivers stability, long range performance and excellent on-road control.